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Élet és Irodalom: The Masters Collection: János Ferencsik

An album forming part of The Masters Collection series serves the purpose partly of helping those who had a chance to hear the selected performer recall their art, but given that these great characters are long gone another possible function at least as important as the first is that new generations may use these anthologies to become familiar with exceptional artists whom they only knew through other people’s accounts.

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Magyar Narancs: Chopin: Ballades & Impromptus

The Polish romantic composer spent the majority of his life far from his homeland. That is partly what made his music so incomparably nostalgic, and painful. His art represents the unity of creation and performance. Listening to his music his contemporaries experienced a mutually inspiring role of these two. Chopin was the salons’ idolized virtuoso, and at the same time a renewer of piano composition technique who managed to create original art in an era dominated by Liszt.

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Magyar Narancs: The Masters Collection: Tátrai Quartet

Those who – like the author of the present article – started to attend concerts in the early 1970s could still enjoy the special experience offered by the Tátrai string quartet. Their performances always featured spontaneity, and naturalness, breathing formation of melody, transparent sounding, lively characterization, and the liberty of the atmosphere of chamber music.

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