Glowing Sonorities: Works by Schubert, Reinecke & Franck

by Noémi Győri (flute); Katalin Csillagh (piano)

Noémi Győri and Katalin Csillagh’s new recording presents exciting versions of two widely celebrated compositions and a third work that is mostly known among flutists. In Schubert’s music, we must highlight the noble simplicity which his contemporaries found astonishing, a characteristic that materializes in the impeccable harmony between the two artists. Their recording will bring you some unforgettable moments from Cesar Franck’s Sonata; a work that is often performed on unusual instrument combinations due to its immense popularity. However the main reason why ‘Glowing Sonorities’ should, I believe, remain in the interest of wider audiences, rather than on the bookshelves of collectors or archives, is the stylistically idiomatic, devoted, gripping, accurate and masterful performance of the Reinecke Sonata. – Zoltán Kocsis

℗ 2016 Fotexnet Kft.

HCD 32767

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