Ditta & Imre Rohmann play Bartók, Debussy, de Falla & Ravel

by Ditta Rohmann (cello); Imre Rohmann (piano)

The excellent cellist Ditta Rohmann plays cello arrangements of the exquisitely selected repertory from the early 20th century in the company of her father, the pianist Imre Rohmann. Starting with core pieces of the cello literature through works which are challenging even for violinists, to all-time favourites we are offered a snapshot of the musical world of the last century with its varied but still coherent style. We can see both the performing and the creative qualities of the artists, since we can hear their own arrangements in the recording. As a special feature, Ditta Rohmann plays the Ravel sonata on a five-string cello.

℗ 2017 Fotexnet Kft.

HCD 32793

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