Dancing Cello

by István Várdai (cello, Stradivari ‘ex du Pré–Harrell’, 1673); Julien Quentin (piano)

After their album entitled Singing Cello, this recording released by István Várdai and Julien Quentin offers a compilation of popular cello pieces of the 19th and 20th century, performed on the famous Stradivari cello referred as ‘1673 Strad’, earlier used by Jaqueline du Pré and Lynn Harrell. The cellos manufactured by the renowned Italian instrument-maker have, somewhat surprisingly, an even better reputation than his violins. Out of the 65 items remaining, the ‘1673 Strad’ was made relatively early, being the only Stradivari cello dating back to this year.

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HCD 32807

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