The Masters Collection


The Masters Collection compiles the iconic recordings of some of the most renowned artists of Hungaroton. The album features records which define an œuvre, a specific era and which will be an unforgettable experience for all listeners.


The Great Book of Flute Sonatas


“It is, fortunately, a vain hope for a flutist to encapsulate the literature for their instrument. Fortunately, because it means that, although the literature for the flute is much slighter than works composed for the piano or the violin, it is still too rich for us to collect and record every one of its remarkable pieces. The claim for completeness is impossible also because a selection can never be objective nor accepted by everybody. My ambition in compiling The Great Book of Flute Sonatas, however, is still this completeness; I want to collect and offer to present and future listeners the archive in sound of all that is the most representative of the flute music of three centuries…” – Gergely Ittzés